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and i've been living just to see you smile
every once in a while.
Or a person. Dogs like to chase things, don't they?

I want a new icon. Anybody want to make me one? ::pokes Dena:: Well, actually, anyone who wants to can =D C'mon, it'll be fuuuun! hehe.

Have at it! :P


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la musique belle: I have the most random song stuck in my head right now.

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Megan is a very rare male name.
Very few men in the US are named Megan.
Be proud of your unique name!
source namestatistics.com

Megan is the #151 most common female name.
0.147% of females in the US are named Megan.
Around 187425 US females are named Megan!
source namestatistics.com

Megan is the #42875 most common last name.
0.0005% of last names in the US are Megan.
Around 1250 US last names are Megan!
source namestatistics.com

Szkarlat is a very rare last name.
Very few last names in the US are Szkarlat.
Be proud of your unique last name!
source namestatistics.com

Well...guess I'm one of a kind! hehe...as if we didn't already know that =D


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la musique belle: Ben Folds - Fair

throw me a right to the chin
~a menu that Ashley and I came across at Steak & Shake after Woodhaven last thursday.

Just for future reference--from now on whenever I have boring recap stuff to say, I'm going to lj cut it with a totally random quote, phrase, or any arrangement of words in the link. Cause I'm sure many people would rather just skip over it. So now you know.

Well, I want my sister-in-law to burst into flames. We can't always have what we want, can we?Réduire )

I had to pass up an opportunity to see Chicago yesterday! It was so upsetting. So I was chillin' at work when Jeremy called my cell phone...it was about 1 or so. I didn't answer because we were so busy...the store's always busy on weekends, saturdays mostly, especially from 12-2. Anyways, a little while after that Jeremy came up to the store and said that Amanda Roman had two tickets to go see Chicago in concert at I forget where...but! I would have to get off work at 430 or 5. So I told him I'd call him when I was on lunch. I asked and Mr. Moscheck said no. But it was really short notice, I didn't expect him to let me anyways. I was just really disappointed, I love Chicago! ::sigh:: So that was my little sad experience of yesterday =( But Jeremy and I hung out still and we listened to Chicago in the car :) hehe. We went to the Grind for a bit and some interesting stuff happened there actually. I got to talk to Angela Soranno. That was cool because I usually don't see her over the summer, and she's so nice. After the Grind we went to see 'Johnny English.' I have to say it was somewhat subpar. I can see why it wasn't one of the movies that was sold out last night :P It wasn't bad, and actually was funny quite a bit. Worth $6.50? That I do not know. So I had to come home pretty early because of having to work today. I would've much rather seen Chicago but I had a good time anyway, cause I still got to hang out with Jeremy. And that's always fun =)

Oh, something really funny happened at the Grind last night, and I was supposed to write about it. Well, everyone that goes to the Grind regularly knows the stupid country people. They were there last night, unfortunately. Jeremy and I went and sat outside when they started playing, and after a little while some other guys were bringing chairs outside. Well when they had the door open to bring out the chairs, another guy that was sitting outside says "Close the door, I can hear the band!" Then the guys started talking about the band and they kept saying that no one likes that band and they didn't know why they keep getting to play there. "No one likes this band, I mean NO ONE." It was so funny. I thought we were the only ones who didn't like the country people. lol! Jeremy and I were just listening and laughing. It's so great to hear the same things that you've been saying/thinking coming from someone else. Heh.

There's actually a lot more I want to write about, but I think I'm going to save that for another entry. This would get far too long if I didn't. I've had a LOT going on lately and I should write about it. So that will be for next time. Let the suspense build. hehe.

Oh yeah, one more quick note. If any of you like the Beach Boys and are interested in coming to their concert with me and my family, leave a comment. I'm allowed to bring a friend. It could be fun. It's August 29th at Freedom Hill. Let me know.

I love you all!


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la musique belle: Chicago!

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I'm going to update tomorrow after work, and if I don't, will you shoot me in the head? Is that a promise?

Thanks a bunch! Love ya!


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la musique belle: Chicago in my head

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take the butt quiz.

and go to mewing.net. why not visit the site of someone who made a quiz about butts?

lol. That's pretty gross.


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la musique belle: Chicago! :'(

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I just feel like a horrible person. And I wonder if I really am a bad person, or if it's the people I surround myself with who make me feel this way.


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la musique belle: none

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That I was 300 pounds
And though I was very heavy
I floated 'til I couldn't see the ground

Boring recap stuffsRéduire )

Today was a very, very long day. Many long hours of it were spent shopping for senior pictures, and yes that was why I missed band. I'll have to write about that tomorrow, though.

So yeah, my senior pictures are tomorrow, I'm kinda excited, but nervous at the same time. I'm glad that my hair has finally grown past the "in-between" point though, cause it's now the perfect length for tomorrow. =)

I've been thinking about school already lately. This has definitely been the best summer ever so far, hands down. So I don't ever wanna go back. But band camp is almost here and that means summer's almost over, sorta. I'm excited for camp but then again I don't want it to be over because it's my last year, too. =( I was thinking about going back to school the other day and how fast it's going to come. I realized I'm excited for it. Not for the actual school part or the homework obviously, but for the fall itself, cause of all that's coming up then. I'm so excited for marching band this year. Frankie is the best, I'm playing sax and I get to hang out with Ashley all the time...can life get any better than this? hehe. I meant to mention that I like playing sax a lot more now. I'm getting back into the groove of it...I'm happy that I switched. Being on the side of Team Slack is actually kinda fun :P I still love my fluties though!! Also I'm trying out for the star spangled banner again this year and I might actually get it. I sure hope so. ::crosses fingers:: I'm so excited for homecoming too, I've been saying that a lot lately. I don't know why but I just want to go to a dance so bad. I wonder who I'll ask, or if anyone will ask me. Either way I'll be happy for it. I can't wait for drama either, this year is going to be great. I'm hoping I can get a bigger part for once, and I get to do One-Act this year, and the musical's in the spring! oh I just can't wait!!

My birthday's in the fall, too, and that's always exciting. And the new BNL cd should be sometime around then!! ::anxious::

Yeah, so anyways. Here's some funny conversations for your amusement:

UnRéduire )

DeuxRéduire )

TroisRéduire )

LJ cuts wheeeeee!!

Well I'm finally going now, night everyone! Love you lots!


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la musique belle: none, woo

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Pleeeeease don't give me any crap about missing band practice. I don't think I can handle it. I feel bad enough already. >_<


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la musique belle: none =(

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Tonight was one of the best nights ever. I got to hang out with BOTH my Leah and my Dena. I must be the luckiest person in the world :P It was just like old times. hehe. Seriously, though, tonight just made me so happy. It's crazy. But I ain't complainin'! No sir! :D

I don't know why, but I've just been in a permanently really extra super good mood lately. And I have no idea why, but I will not question it. lol I'm such a girl...make me shut up!

Music is so freeing. And I mean that with all that I have. There are times when I'm listening to music when I just feel perfectly content. I feel as though I don't need anything else. Sometimes I think I could just listen to BNL for the rest of my life and never be unhappy :P I think the last three sentences said the same thing. Hmm. I just can't even begin to explain the feeling I get. Aaaaahhhhhh. Just.. when I'm singing.. or just listening to BNL.. I can lose myself in the moment and I never want it to end...

::sigh:: This must be what love feels like.

Wow, I'm just a big ball of mushiness tonight, huh?...go me.

Sorry, everybody.. but I gotta be a girl sometimes =)

But I love you! I don't say often enough how much I love all of my friends. ::hugs everyone::

I'm proud of myself though. I made a happy entry. Yay!

-[blissful] Meggie

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la musique belle: BNL - When I Fall

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Last night at the K of C after my dad's softball game, I discovered this, on the back of a bag of barbeque potato chips. And, well, I just had to post it. lol, read on.

Rip Van Winkle

Have you ever done something wrong and wished you could undo that wrong? I attended Boynton School located in Detroit, Michigan. In the seventh grade I had been chosen to play the part of Rip Van Winkle in our school play. My teacher thought I had a strong voice and that I would be perfect for the part. After many weeks of rehearsals with my classmates the day had finally come. There was one problem, I was suffering from an acute case of stage fright. THe day of the play I never made it to school.

When I returned to school neither my teacher nor my classmates ever said a word to me about how I disappointed them. Over the past 48 years I have often wished I could go back in time and shown up at school that day. It would give me a chance to try to do my best in spite of my fears. Should my teacher or my classmates ever read this, I would like to tell them how sorry I am for disappointing them. I have learned in business, as well as in my personal life, it's not the failing that matters most, but the fact that you tried and that you care.

What do we expect from each other? What does God expect from us? He expects us to care and have the initiative to always try to do our best. Say you are sorry if you fail, but don't stop trying and don't stop caring.

For our lives are like a seed that when planted in the ground, you will reap what you sow, whether it be good or bad it will come back to you.

James 4:15. For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

You have a choice when choosing potato chips and snacks.

From my family to yours, thank you for choosing Uncle Ray's."

I never knew that a bag of chips could give such good advice. Well, attempt to give such advice. Not only does this crack me up because of the obvious absurdity of it, but also because of the many errors throughout. What the hell is the fourth paragraph trying to say?! And I especially enjoy the wonderful flow from paragraph 5 to 6. This is a masterpiece of literature, right here.

So I thought it'd be fun to share. If any of you find this as humorous as I do, feel free to comment.

Good day =)


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la musique belle: Tossed salads and scrambled eggs...they're callin' again...

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Jell-O is the best. hehe, Caroline knows what I'm talking about.

Well, yesterday was fun. I was late for the sectional cause my mom was at work and my dad had the car at my grandma's doing yard work. And I called Ashley and it was busy for like 2 hours, so I couldn't get a ride from her. And I even called Jess cause the flutes have a sectional at 4 too, but she didn't answer her phone. Oh well. It was no big deal though because I mean, come on, it was the saxophone sectional. hehe. We played through the songs once, good times. Band was kinda boring too but I'm over it. After band Ashley and I went to Woodhaven and it was fun...I learned stuff hehe...even though our attempts to make a rope ladder failed. :P I learned to sew and it was great. I pinned up a dress to be hemmed and started to sew but sorta messed that up. Oh well.

After that I went to Ashley's and we watched Little Shop. It was good but slighty disturbing at parts hehe. Then I watched her Stickland version of Bye Bye Birdie and it was hilarious. Ashley's the best. :D

Well I gotta go now, ttfn!


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la musique belle: lalala!

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A) Wright City is to St. Louis
B) Wentzville is to St. Louis
C) Warrington is to St. Louis
D) Truesville is to St. Louis

Originally when I decided to post this question, I had intended for the answer to be A) Wright City, because that's the city where we actually stayed. In all factuality, though, the answer is B) Wentzville, due to population numbers. Wright City only has a population of about 1,500. The point of this was to show that we didn't actually stay in St. Louis, but rather in a suburb of St. Louis. Just as if you lived in a different state and were going to visit Allen Park, you would say Detroit instead of Allen Park, because that's the city everyone knows of.

I realized about two days into vacation that I never really said where I was going or why. Anyway, I spent the past week in Wright City, Missouri. We stayed at my uncle's boyfriend's parents' summer home (Yes, you read that right). Stating where we stayed is complicated in itself, I guess. We were with my uncle, his boyfriend, my cousin, and my step-grandpa. Quite the group, eh? But the actual stay was relaxing if nothing else.

Significant points of the week are noted here:

-Sunday was a crazy day. We left at about 5:30 am and it was a looooooooong car ride to Missouri. 10 hours to be exact. Going over the Mississippi was cool though. When we finally arrived, it was really 3:30, but 2:30 because of the time difference. There were at least 20, probably 25 people at the house. My uncle's brother or brother-in-law or something looked like Steve from BNL. I found that quite amusing. 4 of the people at the house were very young children. These four children included a 3-year-old boy whose favorite hobby was throwing himself down staircases. He also enjoyed punching people and things. We heard from his grandparents that he had previously broken both his legs and one of his arms because of his adventureous nature. Another child was a young girl of about 6 or 7, she enjoyed destroying and/or injuring everything in her path. She tried to rip Mike's earring out. So yeah, trying to relax after 10 hours in a car is kinda hard when there're 20+ people around. Especially annoying, hyper little kids. It was crazy. Anyway, the house itself was nothing like what I had expected, but it was too cute. An adorable little A-frame, hehe. I went to bed at 9 that night...I was exhausted.
-Monday was spent sitting around and relaxing finally. I think I sat on my bed and listened to my cd player for most of the day. We went to the lake for a while, too, I think. The lake was great...the water was like bath water. It was super relaxing. And that's something, coming from me, because I don't like swimming in lakes. In fact, I usually don't like swimming at all. The place where we slept was the "loft." The loft was so cute. I loved it. The only bad part was that, being an A-frame house and all, you kinda bumped your head on the wall every time you sat up. That sucked, but still. Yay loft.
-Tuesday we went to the lake again. I had to wear sunscreen on my fair, pale skin. But I layed out anyway, listened to Ben Folds, and swam some. Although I didn't know it until I got back to the house ("chalet," as we called it), the one place I didn't think to put sunscreen on was the tops of my feet. They were sunburned like whoa. As I told Ashley, it reminded me of foot toupees. hehe. My red-head foot toupees. Nice. ::silly::
-Wednesday we actually went into St. Louis for the day. We had breakfast, and then went up inside the arch. It was really cool, except for the fact that going up, you had to be squeezed inside this sardine-can capsule thing. That wasn't too fun. But at the top you actually get to get out and walk around. The view was awesome. But after a couple minutes I was done. 630 feet=whoa. I learned some stuff though--the arch is as wide as it is tall, it sways in the wind, and it's a memorial for Thomas Jefferson. After the "Gateway to the West" we went to the Budweiser Brewery. The Budweiser horses were pretty, but smelled bad. Yuck. And I never knew that rice was used to make beer. Go figure.
-Thursday I sat on my bed most of the day. Good times.
-Friday we went mini-golfing and then out to dinner at Applebee's. That was yummy, I hadn't had Applebee's in so long.
-Saturday we came home. We left around 8 and got back at 6:30 or so, at which point I took a quick shower and rushed over to Dena's. I had been waiting for Dena's party all week. It was sooo much fun. I hadn't had so much fun in a long, long time. I talked way too much, but thanks to everyone, Ashley especially, for listening to me go on and on...and on...lol. Ashley's the best, anyway, though.

If there's one thing I realized from going on vacation, it's that my friends are more important to me than anything in the world. And I mean anything.

So, thanks to everyone who said they missed me and stuff. I missed you guys like crazy. I mean, I never thought it possible to want to come back to AP so badly. But you guys made it possible. hehe =) I love you guys!!!

Well I guess I'm off to bed now. I haven't gotten much sleep in the past week. Well, actually, practically none. Hope this wasn't too too boring... Goodnight!

-Meggie :)

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la musique belle: Avril Lavigne is in my head. Ew. GET OUT BITCH! lol...

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I'm back, I'm back!, I'm really really back!


And now I'm off to Dena's lovely grad party! Weeee!


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la musique belle: BF5 - Battle Of Who Could Care Less

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It's 5 frickin' am.

Well, in a few minutes I'll be gone forever.

Or until Saturday. Same difference.

I really don't want to go. Blah. Regardless, I'll be in St. Louis for a week. I'll miss all of you so much. Really.

So leave me lots of comments with how much you miss me. Or love me. Or hate me. Anything, really. Please?!? I'm just lookin' for something to read when I get back other than the loads of junk mail. :P

So yeah. Hopefully I'll be able to get online while I'm there, but I don't know yet. If not, I'll see you when I return, or if you're lucky or just really cool, I might call you or something. (Don't count on it.)

Once again-- It's frickin 5 am.

I'm going now... Until my return... farewell to you all!!!


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la musique belle: Chicago's in my head

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Well, actually, it's right before the storms when the air smells good.

--Random Thoughts!--

~I have the worst luck ever. Psh...

~I've been reading my old journal entries, from like a year ago. It's literally terrifying. ::shudders:: Seriously. Never doing that again. I hate little me >.<

~I can't wait until the new BNL cd comes out. ::so so anxious::

~As some of you may know, but most of you probably don't know, I'm going on "vacation" in a few days. I'll be gone from Sunday until Saturday. The good news is that we're coming back a day early, so I can *hopefully* still make it to Dena's graduation party. This=Yay. But yeah. I'll be gone for a week, so you all better miss me and stuff. hehe. Riiiiiiiiight.

~One of the things I don't like about summer is that I never get to see some of the people I'd see at school every day. It sucks. I miss everybody that I don't hang out with regularly. And I even miss some of them, too. So not cool.

~I find it ironic that the nights I actually *can* stay out late, I don't. Like tonight. Home at 11, what.

~I guess that's it for now. (In other words... dammit! No matter how hard I try, I can't possibly find any other ways to bore you all!)


--The End.--

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la musique belle: BF5 - Smoke.

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But not the best. That goes to Jacques! (the french lobster, for those Finding Nemo deprived folks)

Now this is what I call summer.

Yep, this week has been more summer-ish than the past two. Monday I got up around 11, went to the sectional, and came home. I chilled here for a long while, then later went to dinner at Manuel's with Jeremy. After that I went to the City, and then to Blockbuster, and Emily's to watch the movie. We rented "I'm With Lucy." It was cute, and I of course guessed who she was going to marry. I'm just awesome like that. hehe. Tuesday I stayed in my pajamas until about 2:30 or so. Laterish I roamed around the mall with Ashley Bate, Emily, and Jess, after which I went to Leah's birthday gathering. That was a lot of fun, we played CatchPhrase, Cranium, and Trivial Pursuit. I am the ultimate hummer/speller/actress for Cranium, oh yeah. I think Trivial Pursuit was the most fun (for Kevin and I, at least) though it was also the most controversial. Hmm. Anyways, that was fun, and so was SSB. GOOD times.

Yesterday I took Eric to see Finding Nemo...second time for me. It was so cute, again lol, and Eric loved it. So that was cool. I went to band, which totally sucked, and then had dinner and Jackie came over. We watched Drumline. Leah called and invited me to go to A^2 with her today for her birthday (her present from her parents) but I told her I had to work. She said she wanted to go to the Wyandotte fireworks, though, so we went. Let's just say I'm never doing that again. I knew it would be packed but it was INSANE. We had to park 7 or 8 blocks away. You know the train tracks that you hit before you get to Biddle/West Jefferson? We were parked before the tracks and walked all the way to Biddle. It was sweet. Heh, I didn't mind walking, but the traffic when we were leaving was absolutely crazy. It took us 45 minutes to get home, and 10 of those were spent sitting at a light with all four directions of traffic stopped completely. The light changed at least 6 times, but no one could go anywhere. Insane. hehe, anyways.

Today I worked all day! It was the busiest day EVER, I'm so glad we had two cashiers. And Sarah and Bill came in! That was cool. hehe. =)

There was something I meant to update about yesterday, but now I have forgotten it.

And I've managed to catch a cold in the middle of summer. Sweet. :P


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la musique belle: BF5 - Fair

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Yeah, that's the name Sarah's lovely e-mail gave me. Hmm.

Okay everyone, I apologize, but I'm going to have to do one of those annoying "Who reads this?" entries.

So who reads this?
Please comment, all y'all. :D



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la musique belle: Ben Folds - Missing The War

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Sorry for the two entries, but that other one was long enough anyway.

This is crazy accurate--
(For the most part)--

Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way
hates fighting
stress and labor
tends to laziness and idleness
soft and relenting
makes sacrifices for friends
many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom
often wailing and complaining
very jealous

-Megan (again, weee!)

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la musique belle: none

throw me a right to the chin

Oh well.

I just made a CD of all my favorite BNL songs. Who needs their Greatest Hits CD, I made my own! Muahaha!

Here 'tis:

1. Alternative Girlfriend
2. Break Your Heart
3. Brian Wilson
4. Call And Answer
5. Conventioneers
6. Falling For The First Time
7. I'll Be That Girl
8. In The Car
9. It's Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland)
10. Jane
11. Light Up My Room
12. Lovers In A Dangerous Time
13. Never Is Enough
14. Some Fantastic
15. Thanks That Was Fun
16. Too Little Too Late
17. What A Good Boy
18. When I Fall

Now, if that isn't the best CD in the world, I don't know what is. These are the Best of BNL, in MY opinion. =D

I'm pretty much over the fact that burning the CD caused my computer to freeze twice within 15 minutes. It's all worth it. hehe.



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la musique belle: BNL - Brian Wilson

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Happy Deathday!
Your name:sweetz121
You will die on:Friday, February 8, 2036
You will die of:Lung Cancer
Created by Quill

Highly unlikely, since asthmatics usually can't smoke. And I never will anyway. And there's not really any chance of me getting lung cancer from second-hand smoke, unless for some reason I become a KofC junkie in the next 33 years. Thought I'd post it anyway, though, cause I found it humorous cause it's so wrong. Oh well...

On second thought, I guess I can't say with 100% certainty where I'll be in over 30 years. Who knows.



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la musique belle: BNL - Too Little Too Late

throw me a right to the chin
You&apos;re Dory!
You're Dory! You're a total airhead! And you
probably even suffer from short term memory
loss. But you are a friendly, hospitable, and
sociable person. You love to chat with people
and probably even tell them your life story!
But sometimes you can get anoying with your
yapping so calm down a bit and take a deeeeeeep

What character from Finding Nemo are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I purposely tried to get Dory cause she's cool. :)


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la musique belle: Ben Folds - Fair

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--the side of a truck, which I saw when driving home from Woodhaven yesterday. Iiiiiiiiiinteresting.

Sorry for all those stupid entries. I'll stop doing those. Promise.

Hmm, what have I done this week? Well actually I've been pretty busy...crazy. Monday I actually did end up doing something--I went rollerblading with Jess, Emily, Kevin, and Ashley. It turned out to be a lot of fun, which was good cause I needed it. Tuesday I went to Safety Town again, yadayada, then to the Credit Union and got a checking account. Fun. Later on I called Ashley and went over to her house to watch Bye Bye Birdie and practice saxamophone. Watching the play was really fun, practicing didn't go so well, but I'll get better. I hope.

Yesterday was crazy too...Safety Town, which was alright... Picked up my dad from work at 430, went to band at 5, til 6. Went straight to WHS from band, but of course no one was there because the night we were told to go was the only night it's not going on. Went to McDonald's with Ashley, got McFlurries. Called Leah, took Ashley home, met people at the City. Went to Emily's, chilled there for a while. Came home...went to Jeremy's for a little bit.

Sorry for the boringness recap entry. :-/

It's gonna be a very busy weekend, but after it's over I'll have Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix!!! So it's all okay. ::excited::

Magic Number12
PersonalityRainy Day
TemperamentWhat You Lookin' At?
Likely To WinThe Wrath Of My Peers
Me - In A WordEffervescent
Brought to you by MemeJack

"Job - Singer." hehe, yay! :)

Everybody better call me this weekend! hehe

-Megan Rose-

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la musique belle: BNL...weee

throw me a right to the chin

Leah's graduation party was pretty fun. If only I hadn't been so tired when I was there... Yesterday I worked, again, among other more enjoyable activities. Today I went to Safety Town, went to Mongolian Barbeque with Anne (which was soo good), and sat around here. I doubt I'm doing anything tonight.

Emotionally, I feel like complete crap.

Things change, and people change, so much, in so little time. Sometimes it really brings me down. Blah.

I wish I knew what was wrong so I could tell somebody.

And I still don't understand why people care so much.


sentir: sad sad
la musique belle: BNL - Thanks That Was Fun

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And it seems that I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away

I am so relieved now. I lost lots of sleep, and things still really suck...but I'm glad that we talked. You have no idea.

I apologize.

I failed the ACT. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a 15.

I have to work, which sucks. I should go now, cause Dena will be mad if I don't. I'm going straight to Leah's after at 6. Good times.

If you're my friend you should be a dear and give me a call on my cell phone at any point during this evening to talk. Unlimited weekend minutes =D

So yeah. Gotta go.


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la musique belle: yyyyyyyep

throw me a right to the chin
lol, Dena's crazy. :-P

I slept for almost 12 hours last night :-D hehe. That was fun. So I went to work at 12. Work today was sooooooooooo slow and boring. It was ridiculous. But of course, this whole rush of people came in at 6. Fun, only not. Heh.

I negotiated with my mom and it turns out that I am allowed to do something tonight. But I can't get ahold of Jeremy. Hmmmmmmmmm...

Tomorrow's gonna suck. ACTs then work. But Leah's party should be fun =)

Ooo, Friday the 13th! Good thing we didn't go out to lunch today Ashley! :P

Sorry for the pointless entry :-/


denajane 106%
hockeyhottie 106%
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lol Heather, priceless.

Today was just about the crappiest day to go to Cedar Point EVER.

We almost didn't go at all. Hah but I'm glad we didn't end up going to a mall in Cleveland. We got there around noon... and waited in line for an hour for the Raptor... being in line behind people getting high for an hour is REALLY fun..as I'm sure you can imagine. Next we went to some fun little rides (even though that one didn't go backwards >:o!! hehe) and the Iron Dragon, which there was no wait for. We tried Wicked Twister, but gave up--it was so not worth it. We did the Gemini, Mine Ride, Disaster Transport, more fun little rides, etc. Dragster was closed, but I was NOT planning on going on it anyway. We had "dunch" hehe, and after went on the Gemini again, Mine Ride again, then the Magnum. The Magnum was soooo much fun, I had forgotten why it's my favorite ride until today. It should be called the "Megnum" cause it's just that awesome. lol, just kidding. Hehe that reminds me of "Meggit" baaaahhhh! Muahaha. Anyways. We went on the Raptor again and then left. I got home around 830, it was crazy. The weather was horrible, but that was good for us, cause there was barely anybody there. It didn't rain too much and every ride we went on after the Raptor the first time was practically walk-on. It was awesome. I heard BNL in line for the Raptor. Plus it wasn't hot. Good times =) Although I think I did get sunburned somehow.. ::rubs nose:: Ow.

And I got a little pink monkey!!!!!!

Sorry, I can't help it if I'm obsessed with pink. ...and/or monkies...

Not a bad way to spend the first day of summer.. not bad at all. :-D

..unfortunately I have to work tomorrow :-/

<3 Meggie

It's just that I didn't mean to break
No I didn't mean to break
Your heart

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hehehe, good times on the Tilt-O-Whirl last summer. :-D

So as I'm sure none of you know, school's out. Done. Over. GONE! Muahaha!!

Needless to say, I'm really excited. See: !!!!!!!!!!

Finals today were the extreme easiest of easy. Band we watched Drumline, and French is just always easy. Heh heh.

I've got an extremely busy rest of week/weekend coming up though! Tonight will be spent out at the Grind, I think, hehe... Tomorrow I'm going to CEDAR POINT with Heather dawg! all day... Friday I'm working 12-6 and then I think I actually have to stay home cause I have the ACTs in the morning... Saturday I have the ACT, then work til 6, then Leah's graduation party at 6, til ??? ... Then work again on Sunday til 3... And on Monday Safety Town starts. FUN times. hehe.

I'm sooo excited for Cedar Point tomorrow!!! Raptor & Magnum here I come! lol

If there was something else I was going to write about, I totally forgot it. Oh well!


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Last night I recieved an unexpected phone call from Brenda inviting me over for her going away party. So I went, and it was a lot of fun. :) I left for a bit and then went back with Leah around 9. Fun times :)

Today finals were, well...once again, too easy. English was some bull you-know-what about heroes. I wrote some crap about how who/what a hero is depends on individual perception. I don't think I knew what I was talking about, but I think maybe it sounded like I did. Woo. Pre-calc, I figured out that pretty much no matter how good or bad I did, I'd still end up with a B in the class. So I pretty much gave up at the end and guessed. I only got three wrong. ::shrug::

Hehe, yes, another one. This one looks kinda fun :-P Fill it out if you so choose, you don't have to. :)

I_________Meggie because_________.
When Meggie grows up she's gonna be a_________.
My description of the first time i met Meggie is___________.
I want to_________ Meggie for a while
The best thing about Meggie is _________.
The worst thing about Meggie is __________.
My favorite part of Meggie is her__________.
If I was Meggie for a day I would__________.
One word to describe Meggie would be _________.
I_________Meggie 's style.
__________ is a band that Meggie should listen to.
I ____ that Meggie has such an insationable crush.
The best time I had with Meggie was when_______.
Meggie loves me because________.

What does 'insationable' mean? Hmm. ::consults dictionary::

I'm done. =)


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Yaaaaay Ben Folds ::applause::

So I decided to scrap the big-long-boring-recap entry thing. I'm simply much too lazy. All I've been doing is hanging out at the Grind and other random places, anyway. And um... I saw Finding Nemo yesterday...it was cute, but nowhere near comparable to Monsters, Inc. hehe. But the french dude was the best!! He's like "Suivez-moi!" and I totally knew what that meant. Muahaha, go me. Oh and we saw Ashley after the movie yesterday! Ashley's the best, I was so happy to see her. Poor her, though. I can tell working at MJR sucks.

Things have generally been good--
--I actually started to hate school a bit less for these past couple weeks or so. Which is insane, really, cause I'd go on and on about how much I hated it before. But it's almost out and therefore it's almost summer.
--As far as summer goes, I've got my job, which means I've got money, and now I've got my cell phone. The big Cedar Point trip is on Thursday, and I'm muchly excited for that. There are tentatively two other Cedar Point trips planned (sorta). I'm sure I'll only have money to go one more time, though. Also included in the summer category...ACTs saturday, Safety Town, graduation parties, vacation in July, senior pictures, band, band camp. Much to look forward to.
--In a random sporadic whim a couple days before graduation, I decided I'd play saxophone for the ceremony. And I did. Kruger announced section leaders after graduation, and when she only said Jess's name, I was quite disappointed. However, a few short days later while visiting first hour concert band, I found Kruger practically begging me to play saxophone for marching next year. I was surprised because 1) I'm not good, and 2) Kruger had given me several impressions that she agreed with that fact before graduation. Nevertheless, everyone was telling me to do it, so I reluctantly agreed to. Seems strange that a former member of the "Yeah Flutes!" section will be switching to "Team Slack." I get to be in Ashley's section, though, and she gets to name me. Hehe, that should be fun. In addition, Jess gets her full and complete glory as flute section leader for marching season, as I well know she wanted.
--I've been hanging out with people whom I don't usually, lately, and it's cool. I do miss my other friends though. I need to get right on hanging out with them soon.
--As finals go, they're just sickeningly easy. Today I had Computer Applications and Anatomy. In CA I had to give a PowerPoint presentation on a career. It went well enough, I only stumbled over words once or twice. I'm sure I'll do fine because I had all the requirements on the rubric, and she likes me, despite the fact that she hates my brother because he's been a total bastard to her this entire semester. Go figure. Anatomy was easy too. I remembered most of what we learned from the entire year anyway...I suppose because it was drilled into our heads by the quiz-every-day technique which that class is famous for. ::shrug:: And I actually finished ON TIME. Go figure. As I said to Ashley ealier today, I noticed that finals were taken so much more seriously in middle school than they are in high school. And I'll say it again--finals are a joke.
--I actually spoke with Jenny Hall the other day--my mom ran into her (and her mom) at JNS. I can't believe it's been 5 or 6 years since I talked to her. Anyhow, it was nice being able to really talk to her, since the last time I saw her I was 11 and she was my babysitter. Naturally she knew my entire life story before she even came out of the store and talked to me (thanks again mom), but it was still cool talking to her.
--I've been getting more sleep lately. I also think I've been gradually becoming a more responsible person. Honestly, the things that being able to drive and having a job will do to you.
--Other things which I can't speak of have been, uh...good. Maybe you know what I'm talking about, maybe you don't. Maybe you just think you do.
--I wish I could write about the things I really want to. This is crap. Oh well, that's what secret journals are for, I guess.

This was probably long and boring anyway.

I'm going now, and leaving you with one last thought:
I wish I knew how I felt.

Take that to mean what you will.

::sigh:: I don't even know. I only know one thing for sure. At least I have that, right?


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Ugh. Things are good, and yet I still feel bad.

How is this possible?

It sucks.


-Meggie :-/

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