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She uses taaaaaaaaaaaaaangerines - and i've been living just to see you smile
every once in a while.
She uses taaaaaaaaaaaaaangerines
So being that it is the morrow and an update is in order, I shall comply as such.

I don't know if that made any sense, but oh well.

My graduation party on saturday was a lot of fun. And I mean that in all seriousness, which is surprising. I didn't think that it was going to be as awesome as it was. All the family got here first, of course, and I tried really hard to talk to them and balance my time and everything. I think I did a pretty good job, for me, what with being shy and not very talkative. I must've been asked "So when do you go to school?" and answered "August 24th" hundreds of times. When my friends started coming I felt more comfortable and less like the center of attention. We ate food, the only thing I really ate was chicken because I didn't like most of the other stuff, but I wasn't very hungry anyway.

Around 7 or so I think, Jeremy called me and said they were taking a break at Sawyer's party, and asked if I wanted them to come play. I said sure, and so he, Justin, Jackie, and Dena came and played for a while. I got to sing some BNL with them because my family INSISTED on hearing me sing something. It was totally super fun, anyway, but it was definitely weird to be singing not from the audience. A big thanks you to Subject To Change for letting me sing with them :) It was awesome :D

After STC played we had yummy pizza and my friends all sat around in a circle and I got to hang out with them for a while, which was also very fun. People started leaving around nine thirty or ten, and by ten thirty or so the only people left were Blev, Jess, Kimmy, Kelli, Emily, the Zavicars and a few family members. Kimmy, my family and the other Zavicars all sang Taxi, which was cool, great song! We all sang some other oldies and stuff, and then went inside before the bugs ate us alive.

I must say that I do not like being the one with all the attention on me, but it wasn't actually so bad. The time seemed to go by pretty fast. And once all my friends got there I had a lot of fun hanging out with them. It was great just to be with everyone that I care about and everything. I sound like a sap but I don't really care. For some reason everything was just different...It wasn't like any other time we hung out. And I realize that it was probably one of the last times I'll get to see everybody together before we go our separate ways and stuff. So it just meant a lot to me. Thanks to everyone who came even for a little while, I'm really glad you did. <3

So all in all, definitely a great party. I don't know if I was imagining it or not, but it seemed like everyone just had a genuine good time. That makes me happy because I had been afraid everyone would get bored.

So yep. Gooooood times.

Yesterday I went to the K of C "Music In The Park" thing. That was fun too, I saw STC and took pictures, and watched the other band with Kimmy before going to check my work schedule at CVS. They were really good. I enjoyed them.

Later on I played softball with everyone like usual. It seemed like FOREVER since I had played. We had soooo many people that we played with four teams. Our team won the first game but got crushed the second. Everyone's convinced Greg's team won cause he picked the teams. It's likely. I like it better when we play with just two teams, cause then everyone gets to hang out together, although it was fun to try something different.

As it turns out I'm only working one day this week, tomorrow. Of course, since Ashley was going to have people over that day, it's the only day I have to work. Go figure.

You know, I don't get mad or upset easily. Really. But I'm not being given much of a choice. I can't just let everything go anymore. Sometimes I have a right to be mad... Don't I?


I didn't dry my hair today and so now it's wavyish. Craziness, I tell you!

I think I'm catching a cold...in the middle of summer? How is this possible? Oh yeah, I'm Megan, and unlucky. That's right.

Counted my grad money yesterday, and let's just say people love me more than they should, heh. But now I'll be able to get a really nice flute! Yaaaay :)

So tomorrow I'm working, thursday I'm going to Evanescence, and saturday is pre-band camp. I have a whole shitload of other stuff to get done this week, too. Oh well. I'll figure it out.

I am not perfect. The end.


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tennisgrl4216 From: tennisgrl4216 Date: le 13 juillet 2004 02:41 (UTC) (Lien)
we have to hang out soon!

that is all.

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