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The Second To Last Bite Of The Brownie - and i've been living just to see you smile
every once in a while.
The Second To Last Bite Of The Brownie
Well, I decided it was time for a good old journal update. Lucky you ;)

So where did August go? Seriously! It seems like yesterday I was getting back from camp. Then off to the play with Ashley, Jeremy, Justin, and Ashley Bate. Then work on Sunday, the festival, after which I went to hang out at Steve's house. (Which by the way, was fun, except for the whole asthma thing.) Monday my efforts to help with the drama room failed... and I don't even remember what I did Tuesday... Wednesday was band practice and Jackie's party. Thursday night when the power went out, I partied it up with Brenda around the corner, and went to visit Leah and Andy, and then Ashley. The friday the power was out I had people over...that was a lot of fun...especially since we got Wendy's for dinner and then headed out to the Grind with Kevin joining us later. Saturday and Sunday I worked, and Sunday I ended up going out to the Grind again, then to Jackie's. Monday we helped Mrs. West paint among other things allllll day, after which I went to Caroline's for a bit and then the float party, at which I ended up just hanging out and then watching part of "Pay It Forward" with Nikki, Mal, and Robby. (Which reminds me, I need to see the rest of!) Tuesday is again a blur, but Wednesday was band again, and the City after, which was a crazy experience in itself. Heh, half the band was there...nowhere to sit...good times. Thursday was spent at the mall, and then getting some stuff done that I really needed to. Friday I worked, then went to Julie's party. Ahhh, I am finally in the area of familiarity...

Julie's party was a lot of fun. It was a pretty small group, just Julie, Heather, Ashleigh, Krissy, Steph-o, and me. But it was buckets-o-fun, hehe. Steph-o is hilarious, I need to hang out with her more! =) And Krissy as well, even though she drew all over my arm with my pink marker. We rented movies, and got slurpees, and saw a bunch of people at 7-11... that was fun... hehe I guess they were on a slurpee run from Emily's birthday party. I went and got my proofs cause everyone wanted to see, and then back at Julie's we watched Chicago, and not everyone liked it. But that's alright, I forgive them. We had cake and then I had to leave because of work in the morning. Heh. As if it mattered..

Saturday I worked and went to my dad's team's end-of-year softball party. It wasn't nearly as fun as in years past. But then, that day wasn't all that enjoyable anyway. Sunday I worked and later Leah and Jess came over to watch Chicago again. Hehe, I love that movie. And some of the things my brother will do for attention...::cringe:: Yesterday I went to the mall with Kristina for a little bit, then out with my mom for a bit, then to the City to meet Leah, Jess, Emily, and Meghan later. After the City we hit up Baskin Robbins and the park. Blowing through stop signs at 35mph and cutting people off!! Man we're bad :P lol. Went to Emily's for a bit then home.

Not a bad way to end the summer, eh?

And I guess Sarah and Ashley stopped by last night to visit me, which is greatly appreciated. I only wish I had been home.. :-/ Thanks guys! :)

Today all I've done is work around here. I just got in from helping my dad wax the car, and let me tell ya, I could just collapse and die. I got up at noon today, washed the car twice, washed the rugs, vacuumed the car, did a couple loads of laundry, and finally got a break at 2. I sat online for a bit then went back to work at 3 with the waxing. This wax was the hardest damn wax IN THE WORLD to get off!! It took my dad and I two full hours to get it all off. And man are my arms gonna be sore tomorrow.

You know, the strange thing is--I actually enjoyed working outside today a little bit. Listening to 96.3, and joking around with my dad while rubbing the wax off was actually not so bad. I like feeling useful, like I actually have some sort of purpose. It felt good to get off my butt and help out with something. And praise from my father--a simple "good job, Meggie"--is a rare and special gift.

Last night I was up til 1 typing a long journal entry, which was lost when the storm hit and the power went out. I was *highly* upset. But I'll get around to typing it again sometime soon.

After I get all showered and fed, I'll be heading over to the Laines' tonight for the float party. And hopefully after that, coming home to get some reading of Invisible Man done.

And now I'm out. Ick. I smell.


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