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Registration Time - and i've been living just to see you smile
every once in a while.
Registration Time
Fun fun!!!...NOT.

So many things suck about this year. Already. Psh. Our locker coms weren't ready, and neither were our parking passes. So they told us to park wherever we want on the first day of school. Ha, I'm sure that'll work out well. The good part is, I was able to get my schedule the way I want it. I got everything I wanted!! Here 'tis:

1 - A.P. English Lit & Comp - Hunt
2 - Symphonic Band - Kruger
3 - A.P. Calculus - Farokhrani
4 - Jazz Band - Kruger
5 - Psychology - Hoover
6 - French 3 - Klement

Yep. The only new teacher I have is Mrs. Hunt. Who I'm scared of. ::shrug:: Oh well. And second semester will be the same, with Government in place of Psychology, cause all my classes are year-long except for that one. I'm disappointed that I don't have band 6th hour, though. I was looking forward to that ever since sophomore year. My ideal schedule would be: A.P. English, Psych/Gov, A.P. Calc, Jazz Band, French 3, Symphonic Band. Academics in the morning, electives in the afternoon. Worked for me last year.

But despite a few minor inconveniences, I am quite content. (At least one person should know what that quote's from! hehe)

If you have any classes with me, let me know!! Thanks a bunch =)


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From: swingsetgirl15 Date: le 20 août 2003 11:18 (UTC) (Lien)
Yea, I couldn't figure out what they were doin about parking passes...I thought we were getting them today since we had to have them in by the 20th...and what's this about no locker numbers or anything yet?!?! It's crap. <3 Leana
testing_my_will From: testing_my_will Date: le 20 août 2003 11:23 (UTC) (Lien)
oo of course we dont have any classes. lol

but i guess our locker #s are being mailed to us. ::shrug:: who knows.

sweetz121 From: sweetz121 Date: le 20 août 2003 12:29 (UTC) (Lien)
Silly.. we have AP calc together. :P Good old Mr. F's class. It'll be just like last year in pre-calc. Only BETTER.

...er...well, we'll see.

freckles86 From: freckles86 Date: le 21 août 2003 11:55 (UTC) (Lien)
Yay, I'm the one person! teeheehee. lol

You're in my 1st and 2nd class, although I think you knew that already.
From: (Anonymous) Date: le 25 août 2003 17:53 (UTC) (Lien)
Yay! We're in a class together! 2nd hour. And Ashley too. yay. so happy!

sweetz121 From: sweetz121 Date: le 28 août 2003 11:30 (UTC) (Lien)
Correction, we have *two* classes together, and they are both band :P

6 polite smiles - throw me a right to the chin