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[Correction to Ashley's subject line] 'I just want to, like, push it in, and see if he dies!' - and i've been living just to see you smile
every once in a while.
[Correction to Ashley's subject line] 'I just want to, like, push it in, and see if he dies!'
That was so great. Especially at 1 am. You don't even understand.

Well, obviously, as you all know I'm back from my last camp. ::sigh:: There were more bad points than good, but we managed to have fun anyway. I'm going to have to update about that after I get my computer back, though.

Speaking of which, my computer finally completely crashed. If you talk to me on AIM, you know that my computer likes to freeze, restart itself, or kick me offline quite frequently. So finally the piece of crap crashed. We could still sign on to AOL, but couldn't go to websites, and the AOL Welcome Screen wouldn't load. I could still get on AIM, but that was basically it. My mom had a computer 'expert,' as she called him, come and look at it, and he told us that he couldn't fix it--that we had to delete everything and start from scratch. Well, rather than just doing it ourselves, my technology-impaired mother is paying this guy (oops, I mean 'expert') $200 to fix it. Way to go, mom. Anyway, the point of me explaining all this is that I won't be online for a few days to a week.

Which sucks. I don't know how I'm going to survive. It's really ridiculous how much I miss in a day, though. I'm online at Caroline's and when I got on, I was like 'Where did this blunt quiz thing come from?!' Seriously...crazy. I haven't been online since 3:00 yesterday, and already my friends page was completely full of unread entries. Maybe I have too many friends. I don't know. But it's insane.

The part that really sucks is that I can't make a real update, and I've been wanting to do that for sooooooo long. Oh well. I'll get over it somehow.

Anyway, since I'll be losing my biggest (pretty much onlyform of communication for the next week or so, I would really appreciate it if someone would call me to hang out this week :D :D hehe. You know the home number, and the cell is in the last entry. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? hehe. I'll love you forever if you do! (As if I don't already).

And I'm going to wait to do the blunt quiz thingy until I get my computer back. Just when you all think the craze is over... it's gonna be back and better than ever! Muahahahahahahaha!!

Wow, for not *really* updating, I sure can ramble a lot. I think I'm going to stop hogging Caroline's computer now. I would really appreciate it if any of you called me or left me fun comments to read when I finally get my compooter back. Thanks a bunch! =D

Love you all! ::hugs everyone::

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From: neurocistance Date: le 12 août 2003 20:05 (UTC) (Lien)
Meeeeegan! I could have so totally done it! It probably COULD have been fixed, and if not, I could have "deleted everything and started from scratch" for, you know, free. I'm sorry~ I wish I could have heard about this sooner X_x.
1 polite smile - throw me a right to the chin