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Allen Park gossip speed has not yet ceased to amaze me, and probably never will - and i've been living just to see you smile
every once in a while.
Allen Park gossip speed has not yet ceased to amaze me, and probably never will
31 polite smiles - throw me a right to the chin
sweetz121 From: sweetz121 Date: le 11 juin 2004 01:52 (UTC) (Lien)
Being that this is my journal and all, I feel that this is somewhat directed at me (even though I know that a lot of other people have posted). And I feel I need to respond, because I realize that I never really posted my opinion on the matter, just the conversations.

First of all, the parent who walked in and witnessed the duct taping incident wasn't Matt Cowan's, it was a different freshman parent (who I guess got really upset and called Mrs. Laine right away, who let Kruger know, and so on).

Secondly, I never said that it was because of money. If it was, she would have said so. Last year we were in a tight money situation and she told us that was why our senior lunch was cancelled (although I still don't really know if that was the real reason or not). But we have found out since this all started that the decision to cancel band camp was entirely Kruger's.

It was all her fault, however there are more valid reasons than just the duct tape incident. Kruger says she has been getting a few phone calls from worried/concerned parents about their kids' safety at band camp. This made her a little worried herself, because she couldn't promise them that nothing like that would happen again, because yes, it does happen all the time. And Kruger can't keep her eye on every student at all times. So she got scared that she would lose her job. Apprehensive parents could tell other parents, and cause them to be concerned as well, and could in turn not let their kids go to band camp, or take them out of band altogether.

After finding out all this, I better understand why Kruger made the decision she did. But I'm still not going to say that I agree with it.

The whole thing seems to me like a huge overreaction, and that's why I'm upset. To me, it seems like the three or so people involved in the taping incident should be punished individually. It's just not fair for the entire band to suffer the consequences of those few kids' mistake. Especially since Joe and the others did get suspended, he lost his section leader position, and Brittani almost lost drum major. They also had to write apology letters. It seems like that should be enough. I don't see why band camp itself has to be cancelled, along with all other overnight band activities. That seems a bit extensive, given the relative insignificance of the incident that caused it.

It's not so much anger that we're feeling but sympathy. I would be totally crushed if my senior year band camp was taken away, after I'd been looking forward to it for so long. Plus it really makes me sad that the freshman this year, and next year (which includes my little brother), and the band kids for years to come won't understand what they're missing out on, by not going to band camp. It's not going to be fun anymore.

I seriously think we need to go to Kruger's house and give her a big hug. I know that there are a lot of other issues in her life right now that she's having to deal with, and she doesn't need this huge uproar of anger about her recent decision to go along with it. We don't agree with it, and we are upset, but getting mad isn't going to change anything. We need to just accept it and make the best of it.

I hope you aren't offended, I'm just trying to set a few things straight! :)

o5princess15 From: o5princess15 Date: le 11 juin 2004 22:30 (UTC) (Lien)
Megan, I didn't even look to see who was posting what on your comments, I just saw that everyone was getting all upset over it..and I just saw a few comments that were totally blaming Kruger. I just wanted to have people consider that maybe the whole situation wasn't her fault, and exactly what you said about all the other parents not letting their kids go to camp if stuff like this was going to happen. So, basically, I agree with you...haha, but yeah, I didn't want you thinking I was being a bitch towards you or anything :o)
sweetz121 From: sweetz121 Date: le 12 juin 2004 17:32 (UTC) (Lien)
Okay! :D All is well.

31 polite smiles - throw me a right to the chin